Enneagram and Emergence

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Is about Discovering Your Personal Patterns, and Learning…

Why do I think and feel the way I do?

What motivates me?

How can I have happier relationships?

How can I choose and create new directions, connections, and patterns?

The Enneagram (pron: ANY-uh-gram) is an elegant guide for the study of human nature.  It maps nine primary perspectives on our world and provides a panoramic view of the human condition. 

The Enneagram describes our motivations, the ways we express what we are thinking and feeling, and how we interact with others. It reveals the stories we tell that shape our lives. This spiritual psychology shows how we have survived by creatively adapting to conditions, and shows us how we can move beyond survival to joyful thriving.

As a marvelous aid in the mastery of human dynamics, these insights help us to be present in all the interactions of our private and public lives. The Enneagram system explores the development of our personality and illuminates it as a doorway to our Essential Self. 

logoinvites you to...
— appreciate every step you have taken in life; 
— wake up to your clear mind, open heart and alive presence; 
— experience the truth of your own inner guidance; 
— know the power you have to choose your stories;
— and walk with the beauty of who you actually are.

logobecomes your personal doorway  
to the discovery of your Unique and Empowering Life Patterns...

Scroll down for a brief look at the 9 perspectives that are the doorways through which we daily view and enter the world. Because we experience all nine potential views within us, you may find that you relate to several of them. However, look for the one with which you resonate most deeply.  This will help you begin to identify your Enneagram type.
9 Perspectives on the World

1 - There is a right way to live and to do things. Everything and everyone can use some improvement. There are ideals and principles, and we can strive to realize them. I have integrity.

2 - People have lots of needs, and it ís good to be able to advise and help them. It is important to love and connect to people. Contributing to significant causes matters. I am helpful.

3 - There are goals to be achieved and tasks to be done. Success, efficiency, multitasking and networking are important. Appearances do matter. I am successful.

4 - Each person is an Original. Everything has meaning. Life is full of ups and downs. Emotions, sensitivity, creativity and beauty are important. Authenticity matters. I am unique.

5 - Many people and their feelings are irrational. It is important to stand back, observe, study, and understand the truth of things. Knowledge, patterns, and ideas matter. I am intelligent.

6 - Everything is open to question. People and events are unpredictable. Bad things can happen.  Commitment, reliability, and alliances are important. I am loyal.

7 - Life is a banquet, and I want to try it all. The future is full of pleasurable options. Things will turn out all right. Life is meant to be fun. "Don't fence me in." I am fine.

8 - Truth is everything. Power and weakness are evident. Confrontation and boundaries are clarifying. There is always a way to prevail. I am strong.

9 - We are all in this together. Every voice matters, and there is a way to come to common ground to resolve conflict. Some things are not as important as they seem. I am calm.

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